Lead Earning Program

We all know that leads are expensive and you have to spend a lot of money up front to finally earn commissions 5 to 6 weeks later. If you are tired of paying for leads on your credit card, with FEB's lead program you are immediately vested to earn commissions among the highest in the industry with fresh leads exclusive to you. Commissions are paid directly to you by the insurance company (not assigned to FEB) so there is no delay in getting you paid.

How It Works:

  1. For each $1,500 of Net Annualized Life Premium Credit with our approved companies, Final Expense Brokerage will pay for 1,000 Final Expense direct mail lead cards or 37 telemarketed leads.

  2. Direct mail lead responses start coming in after approximately 3-4 weeks with fresh results posted daily.

  3. Work your leads. Write more business. Earn more lead orders.

Getting Started with Lead Earning

  • The lead earning program is available to experienced agents with at least two years of proven success working final expense leads.

  • Agent must be appointed through Final Expense Brokerage on our special lead program.

  • Produce $1,500 of annualized life premium to get started.(1)

  • After initial production is met, confirm with Final Expense Brokerage to receive your first lead order.

  • Agents may choose only one FEB bonus program that best suits his business. (Carrier specific incentives can be earned in addition to FEB programs).

  • Certain restrictions on business written may apply.

(1) Must have at least 3 policies that add up to a minimum of $1,500 in annualized life premium for your first order. Must not be controlled business i.e. family member business does not count.