Receive a Bonus Each Month on Every Life Policy Issued

How it works:

  1. Issue at least 5 life policies in a calendar month to earn a $20 bonus per policy.

  2. Send in your completed redemption form by the 15th of the following month.

  3. Final Expense Brokerage issues a bonus check for your qualifying business.

Rules and answers to Frequent questions

  • There is no maximum monthly bonus. Every qualifying policy earns you more.

  • Policies cancelled prior to the redemption date will not earn a bonus.

  • FEB has the right to delay the bonus until any unsecured debt is settled.

  • Applications written on the agent, agent's immediate family, and other controlled business are not eligible.

  • If a policy's commission is split between two agent, each agent will receive half the bonus.

  • Multiple policies on the same insured will count as a single policy.

  • FEB has the authority to adjust the bonus if the average life premium per policy falls below $400.

  • Monthly bonus cannot be combined with other promotions from FEB. (Carrier specific bonuses and incentives are in addition to FEB programs).

  • If persistency falls below an acceptable level, FEB may adjust or discontinue the individual bonus.

  • All interpretations of the rules will be by FEB. FEB can discontinue this bonus at any time.