FEB $200 Lead Co-Op Program Details Are Outlined Below:

  1. Final Expense Brokerage (the agency), will pay $200 towards a 1000 piece lead mailer or 25 (37 with Lead America) telemarketed leads, for each $1,500 of net annualized premium. The issued premium must be with United of Omaha, Royal Neighbors, or Liberty Bankers Life. FEB will continue to pay $200 in Lead co-op for each additional $1,500 of Net Annualized Premium.
  2. Your direct mail territory is protected for the next 60 days after your territory has been mailed.
  3. There is no reduction in commissions to you even though our agency is investing $200 into your lead orders.
    Our agents write large volumes of highly persistent business because they have a very low cost lead source. Our agency is successful only if you are successful! We have a vested interest in you and our commitment to you mirrors your commitment to us.
  4. Are your leads fresh?
    Yes, our leads aren’t recycled and they’re not B or C leads. Your leads go directly to you from the vendor or the vendor website. You own the leads and the leads aren’t resold.
  5. Why does our agency pay $200 of your lead costs?
    Because we are committed to agents that are disciplined to investing money into their business. We want you to write a ton of business with United of Omaha, Royal Neighbors and Liberty Bankers through FEB!!!
  6. Does the Final Expense Brokerage agency pay $200 of your lead costs when you issue $1,500 of premium with our other companies?
    No, BUT we do pay $100 of your lead costs and the same rules apply.
  7. Can I get started right away?
    Yes, if your appointed with at least two companies through FEB. If your appointed with United of Omaha, Royal Neighbors, or Liberty Bankers we will pay $200 of your lead order. If your not appointed with United of Omaha, RNA, or Liberty Bankers, but are appointed with at least two of our other companies, FEB will pay $100 of your lead order.
  8. How long does it take before I can start working direct mail leads if I order my leads today?
    Within 3 weeks, you should start receiving direct mail leads to work.
  9. How long does it take before I can start working telemarketer leads?
    If you order telemarketed leads to-day, you should start having leads ready to work in 4-6 business days.
  10. What type of lead has the highest Persistency?
    Direct mail leads will definitely average a higher Persistency! Liberty Bankers, Royal Neighbors, United of Omaha, and all of our other carriers require that you average a strong persistency. They all monitor your 3 month, 7 month, 1 year, and 2 year persistency.

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