The Answer Is Yes!


In the insurance business, you run into objections daily.

Whether you're attempting to set an appointment or closing a sale, there's one simple response that covers every objection.

The Answer Is Yes!

When your prospect gives you an objection, he expects a battle of wits where you tell him why he is wrong. Don't take the bait.

Do NOT engage!

Turn an adversary into an ally instead by agreeing with the prospect.

When an objection is raised, develop a habit of responding with "Yes, I agree. That's exactly why I called! Everyone I speak with feels the same way. Let me tell you what they've found."

Finally, you should address your prospect's objection. Use an example from a previous client that faced a similar situation or use a story to illustrate your point.

Voila! You've diffused a combative situation and can continue to set the appointment or close the sale.